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OVERCOMING THE RE-WRITER OF DESTINY - by: Prophet Peter Abiola Adebisi

Bible Reading - Matthew 19:12
Memory Verse: "Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to His cross." - Collosians 2:14

God designed every man with a great destiny. To fulfill his purpose on earth, God gave him a manual guide to interpret in order to achieve the great destiny. Somehow, the enemy of the destiny changes the manual guide by rewriting another one for him to interpret. Whatever Man interprets will determine his destiny, whether it is achievable or not. The ability to interpret correctly or wrongly will also determine his destiny.

As we all know, every product has a manual guide. When the owner of the product is able to interpret it correctly, that makes the product workable and useable to serve the purpose of buying it. Likewise on the road of destiny, Apostle Paul discovered an evil handwriting of ordinances that is working against human destiny. It re-writes what God has written in a way that is against human destiny, turning it upside down. This is where we see destiny working in an opposite way - Ecclesiastes 10:6. King Saul started well. When he could interpret the manual guide of his destiny - God was with him. When he lost his focus on God, the power of darkness took over the steering wheel of his life. And, they re-wrote their own manual guide and gave him to interpret. That was why he could not fulfill his destiny.

Three things were discussed by Jesus in today’s text about Eunuchs:
(1) Those who were born so – they did not decide it, destiny permitted it.
(2) Those that were made by men, that is wicked men, enemies of destiny.
(3) Those that made themselves that way.

One and three have no contention. It was between God and Man himself. It has no agony of life, it was for the purpose of God and purpose of Man. But number two was within the power of destiny re-writers. You can only overcome such a re-writer of destiny when you re-trace your path back to God. Walking with Him daily in all avenues, you will make your life purposeful. That great destiny you are with, will surely manifest. The light of God will shine to discover your way back to Him in order to overcome every re-writer of your destiny in Jesus' name. Amen!

1. Every destiny delay in my life, within twenty four hours, begin to fail (x5)
2. Every destiny hijacker contending with my destiny, you must die (x5)
3. O you my destiny, hear the Word of the Lord, begin to shine (x7)

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