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About CMCM Minnesota

Christ Miracle Church Mission worldwide of Minnesota is a non-profit corporation that is organized exclusively for religious, charitable and educational purposes, as specified in Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The purpose of the Church is:

a.  to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to every living soul

b.  to advance the Christian faith in accordance with our Statement of Beliefs in such ways that will bring people to the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ

c.  to provide such Spiritual services like counseling and prayers, which are aimed at edifying the souls of peoples of every race, color, gender or age who may be poor in the spirit.

d.  to work towards the advancement of the educational and spiritual needs of members of the church and non-members alike in ways that are consistent with our beliefs and are in conformance with the laws of the state of Minnesota and the United States.

e.  to work assiduously with other groups, fellowships and churches of similar inclinations, within and outside the great state of Minnesota, and the US, towards the expansion of the Kingdom of God

f.   to engage in charitable deeds that will minister to the needs of people both here in the United States and in partnership with overseas groups and individuals who have similar calling or objectives.

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